May 19, 2014

Aaron Adams


Aaron Adams received a BA in History from Brigham Young University. Aaron is responsible for investor relations. He has developed an extensive network of fellow investors in Las Vegas, Nevada, southern New Jersey, Utah, and southern California. Retail food industry experience and a two-year mission to South America have developed his communication skills far beyond those of his MBA peers.

He started his real estate career while attending graduate school in southern California in 2000 when he bought and renovated a small duplex in Hemet, California. By the time his MBA course work (Cal Poly Pomona) was completed he had a thriving property management and real estate investment company.

Aaron’s diverse range of investment experience includes purchase and property management of mobile homes, single family and multiple family units. He currently owns properties in multiple states and is part of the Alpine Property Management LLC management team as well as owner of Alpine Capital Solutions LLC.

He has spoken and taught thousands of investors at real estate seminars across the country. Aaron holds a real estate brokers license in Indiana. His monthly 2 day field training has been the vehicle that hundreds of investors have used to buy properties from Aaron. His network of investors stretches from Singapore to London and all over the U.S. Few companies in the U.S. have the thousands of properties experience that Aaron has built as a full time investor for over 10 years.