May 27, 2014

Ellen Brown



Ellen Brown has been affiliated with Alpine in Indianapolis since 2007.  Her role with the organization has been dynamic and evolving over that time.  Currently the majority of her time is devoted to working with our investors in a customer service capacity for all US holdings.  She acts as a single point of contact for portfolio issues as well as new acquisitions.

Her personal real estate holdings span several markets including Indiana, Florida, Charlotte, Kansas City and Idaho.  She and her husband are also owners of a Yoga and Pilates studio in Indianapolis!

From an early age, Ellen has been interested in earning and growing wealth. While working towards the goal of Valedictorian of her high school class (one she achieved), Ellen started a Roth IRA for herself! This early zest for personal excellence, love of learning and willingness to save and invest money has been an attribute that has helped her arrive at her current destination.

Ellen and her husband Whitney are the proud parents of 3 beautiful children and in spite of her vast experience her number one priority remains as  Mom and to her family. 

Ellen Brown