May 27, 2014

Meggan Adams


Meggan is the head portfolio strategist for Alpine.  She has helped hundreds of investors build millions of dollars in real estate portfolios over the years.  Her expertise includes 1031 exchanges, single family homes, multi family utilizing retirement funds to buy and hold property.

Meggan has worked in customer service for 17 years… of which she has been a manager for 16. Her diverse background ranges from Sales Manager for Saks fifth avenue, to several small family owned retail entrepreneurial ventures. She has worked with Alpine owners since they began acquiring properties in 2005. Her role within the company has changed numerous times as different needs for her strong customer service skills and leadership has been needed.

At one point, Meggan was running 35 contractors, doing maintenance on over 900 properties throughout Indy Metro. Megan’s current focus (besides her 4 beautiful children) is working with investors on their portfolio acquisitions. She has clients with net worth far in excess of $1B purchasing 35050 properties a month utilizing her advice and guidance. Her background working with people AND as a real estate investor make her uniquely qualified to help investors as they decide:

What markets to focus their investing… whether or not to borrow on properties…. whether or not to use retirement money to buy houses… how many properties they should acquire now and in the future. While Meggan is NOT licensed as a financial planner, she IS an experienced real estate investor with a track record of happy clients who have benefited from her extensive knowledge and understanding.

Meggan Adams