Flipping Training – Bundle One

Course Description

Aaron Adams and Travis Howard have been acquiring houses and rehabbing them to flip to homeowners and investors for a combined 50 years. They have made millions from real estate investing. From finding the best deals, to buying, rehabbing, and selling the deals… they know the best techniques to get the deals done while avoiding the pitfalls that can make this a risky strategy for new investors.

Are you interested in learning how to flip high end properties to home owners?
This class is for you.
Are you looking to acquire, rehab and hold properties in a real estate portfolio?
This class is for you.


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What will students learn in your course?
Overview of the techniques to acquire, rehab and flip houses in today’s real estate market.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
Interest in Real Estate investing.

Who are your target students?
Investors interested in flipping houses for real estate investment.