Online Advanced Training

About Our Online Training

We are committed to providing low-cost real estate education with a focus on field training and the ability to do actual deals!

Our Advanced Trainings are unique. They are always offered weekly and live (via Zoom). Our instructor identifies the 12 most relevant weekly topics to discuss in the meetings. They cover those topics for the first half of the training and then allow you to ask questions for the second half.

If you feel like you would like additional 1-on-1-training then you can schedule that with your instructor’s calendar and meet with them in 30 minute blocks.

If you happen to miss a section, we have that recorded for you so that you can circle back and catch what you missed. Every 12 weeks the trainings renew so you are always getting the most live and current information available.

Best of all, while other companies charge tens of thousands of dollars for the same information, you can access ours for as little as 75 bucks a week!