Asset Protection 101 Training – Bundle Five


This Bundle includes the training, power point presentation, documents/contracts, live attendance at a training, and a live 2 day field training with our specialist.

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I understand that Aaron Adams Training does not cover the cost of Airfare, Train tickets, Boat rides, Car, Uber, Taxi, Lyft, or other means of conveyance, Lodging, Meals or other travel expenses to attend live training. I will be contacted by Aaron Adams Training to schedule this live training event. Every effort will be made to schedule this live training to fit my schedule, but I am not guaranteed dates. I may request a refund if I am unable to be scheduled within 6 months of purchase.

Don Pendelton has been working with entrepreneurs and investors to properly structure their businesses for 40 years. In this class he works with Aaron Adams to focus on real estate investing and how to protect yourself, your business and your investment income.

Are you interested in learning how to structure your business to reduce your personal liability for your rental properties?
This class is for you.
Are you looking to structure your business to reduce the amount of taxes that you pay on your real estate investments?
This class is for you.

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What will students learn in your course?
Overview of the techniques to establish limited liability companies, trusts, and other structures to protect your assets and reduce your taxes.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
Interest in asset protection related to Real Estate investing.

Who are your target students?
Investors interested in flipping houses for real estate investment.

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