Commercial 101 Training – Bundle One


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Aaron Adams and Travis Howard have been acquiring houses and rehabbing them to flip to homeowners and investors for a combined 40 years. They have made millions from real estate investing.  This commercial real estate course gives you the benefit of this years of investing experience while covering techniques that you can use to make money, while speaking the language of commercial real estate. This course will help investors decide if commercial real estate is the right move for them while learning some available strategies.

Are you interested in commercial real estate techniques?

This class is for you.

Are you looking to acquire commercial real estate while learning to increase the cap rate, to make it better to hold or sell?

This class is for you. 

What will students learn in your course?

Overview of commercial real estate techniques being used in today’s markets.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

Take the courses Real Estate 101 and Creative Finance to enhance your terminal learning in this course.

Who are your target students?

Investors interested in commercial real estate investment following some background knowledge in real estate from introductory classes or from previous investment experience in real estate.

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