Creative Finance 101 Training – Bundle Two


This Bundle includes the training and power point presentation.

Aaron Adams and Travis Howard have been using creative finance techniques to fund real estate deals for a combined 40 years of experience. They have made millions from real estate investing. Flipping, buying, rehabbing, and holding… they have learned how to use money to get deals done.

Do you have deals that are in need of financing?
This class is for you.

Are you looking at starting in real estate or are looking for new techniques?
This class is for you.


What will students learn in your course?

Overview of creative finance techniques being used in the today’s real estate investment market to fund deals.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

Interest in Real Estate investing.

Who are your target students?

Investors interested in financing deals real estate deals to get started or enhance their real estate investments.

Other Detail:

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