Mobile Home 101 Training – Bundle Five


This Bundle includes the training, power point presentation, documents/contracts, monthly Zoom calls with Aaron & The Experts, and a live 2 day field training with our specialist.

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Mobile Homes, Tiny Homes, Manufactured Homes, Pre-fab Homes & Modular Homes.  You have probably heard of several of these and wondered from an investment standpoint how to make money from them.  I purchased my first Mobile Home Park in 2003 in Nevada.  I currently own 7 parks in 3 states.  I also own 3 Manufactured Home Dealerships.  There are countless ways you can make money in this industry.

Housing affordability is at an all time low.  Across the country, builders of traditional stick-built homes are lagging the demand for affordable homes in the millions.  This industry of pre-fab homes and parks has unlimited potential.  Wall Street funds are dedicated to just buying up parks and more city-councils have been deliberating relaxing zoning so these types of homes can quickly help with the housing shortage.


What will students learn in your course?

How to flip mobile homes, how to identify good parks to buy and an overview of manufactured, modular & mobile home investing.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?


Who are your target students?

Real Estate investors looking for a strategy to pursue as well as people new to real estate

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