Frequently Asked Questions

We work with investors from all over the world in many different ways. We have sold homes from all of our markets to investors from Hong Kong to the United kingdom. Primarily we sell rehabbed and rented single family homes. That is the starting point that we would discuss with you. We don't sell flips. We also have apartment complexes, Airbnb, and commercial deals that we do but those are generally deals that we work with investors directly on usually in some partnership capacity.

If you contact us through the webpage, then a portfolio strategist will contact you. Attending a three day live event, Cash Flow Field Training, is normally the initial eduction process required to begin investing with Alpine (gotta do that due diligence!). Based on your individual situation and needs, Alpine portfolio managers will help you determine how and when to begin your investment journey with Alpine.

You must speak with a portfolio strategist and be registered in order to attend one of our live events.
Affordable Houses, Jobs, Population Growth, Fiscally sound and friendly state government.

Any market can be considered good for flips. A flip is like a stock trade - can be a short-term transaction or as we like to say that buying a rental is like buying a business. So we are constantly screening markets and evaluating the business environment for market decisions.
Yes you can, and many of our clients find this an advantageous way to buy and hold rental properties.

Your 401k, or your IRA, or even your TSP can go right on title as the owner!

The rents are then sent to the trustee every month as the growth. When you sell the property there is no capital gains or even a tax filing because all retirement accounts grow tax-free or tax-deferred.

To learn how to start and use a self directed IRA please attend one of our events!
Yes! We have over 15 agents showing and marketing our available properties in every market. Keeping it competitive helps ensure that our properties rent fast with qualified tenants. We advertise with yard signs, local newspapers, on Postlets, Zillow, Craigslist, RealBird, Trulia, on the MLS, and on other marketing outlets as they become available. Our leasing companies have websites where tenants can view all of our available properties, schedule a showing and fill out an application.

We generally see a single-digit eviction rate & a single digits vacancy rate. When we screen tenants we pull their credit, check for criminal background activity, confirm prior residency with previous landlords, review all debt outstanding and confirm income sources by reviewing pay stubs, tax returns and legal documents.

1. The tenant must earn three times the monthly rent (NET). Many companies go by GROSS, but our process protects your property by allowing a cushion for both the tenant and the investor.
2. 12 month rental history must be verified. We check tax records on their current and previous residence to ensure that applicants are not using friends or family as references.
3. Strict credit check; no evictions, judgments, repossessions, outstanding utility bills, and any other red flags.
4. We demand to speak to prior landlords to see how prospective tenants kept/left the house along with their payment history.

After pre qualifying and showing the property the leasing agent will bring the application to the Alpine offices for final approval.
Yes! Our team is vertically integrated…This means we buy, rehab, sell and manage the properties in your investment portfolio with Alpine Capital. All owners/investors will have a Property Ware portal with online access to their properties. You will be able to see when tenants paid rent, any maintenance requests, or any other relevant information about the property.

We keep 10% of the rent collected (if the property isn't rented we don't charge anything). The management agreement is month-to-month so you aren't locked into any long term relationship. You don't HAVE to use Alpine for the management of properties we sell. Since property management is generally a low-,margin business, we are happy to let you take your property elsewhere with only 30-day notice.
Property taxes will be paid by you, your business, or your investment account will pay the property taxes on your property based on the way you purchased the property from Alpine. We will answer all your detailed questions on this during the Cash Flow Field Training.

Our investment properties are sold with clear expectations for investment return above the cost of ownership, including taxes and insurance.
Insurance is paid by you, your business, or your investment account based on the way you purchased the property from Alpine. We will answer all of your detailed questions on this topic during Cash Flow Field Training.

Our investment properties are sold with clear expectations for investment return above the cost of ownership, including taxes and insurance.
We don't know of another turn-key operator in the company with the SIZE, INTEGRATION, and DURATION selling turn-key properties that we have. We have been selling turnkey properties to investors going back to 2005 and have been hosting our monthly trainings in Indianapolis for over a decade. Not only have we worked with investors from all over the world, but we have sold 1 property to one investor all the way up to hundreds of properties to large private equity firms. Indianapolis is our largest turn-key operation. Gross revenues for mgmt, construction, property sales and acquisitions regularly runs in to the tens of millions of dollars. We host our 3-day event as a chance for you to:

• Do your due diligence
• Meet our teams from all markets
• Learn about different strategies for investing that other investors use
• Network with other like-minded individuals
• Pick out properties to buy
Nope! No contracts, no fees, no commitments. We are busy and we allow YOU to dictate the pace and amount of business you would like to do with us. We let you dictate what your comfort levels for due diligence and vetting is so that this is a process you are comfortable with at all times. We don't even collect earnest money on the deals our investors pick out so that you can unwind anything at anytime if you aren't 100% comfortable moving forward. We have business relationships with investors going on 5-10+ years and we want to develop a long term relationship with you.